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Australia Day 2008 on King 5 News – Seattle, USA

Here’s a compilation of the footage (6 different segments over 3 hours) that local Seattle TV Station, King 5 did about Australia Day 2008 a few days before the big event at the local Aussie Pub, the Kangaroo & Kiwi.

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  1. wow, i like u mate, lol, least u tried our vegemite, hehe, and btw its sooo goood!, is good to see the aussie pie shop, and angus is aussie too, woot! means when i go to usa i wont miss the best food in the world, lol, bit of tomato sauce and bob's ya uncle, bindi the blue heeler is adorable, she looks like my dads pup, very protective dogs, is good to know australia day is honored even from the other side of the world, gr8 video 🙂 every1 should have an aussie in their life, hehe!

  2. Meat pie…is a dogs eye….
    so aussie slang might be
    Gday mate can i have one dogs eye with some dead horse…

    Hello i would like a pie with sauce (tomato)

  3. Your probably right..its just old rything slang..
    Like get the Pat Malone phone…or it the frog and toad the Road..we use to say that sort of shit in the butcher shop..
    Im an aussie so dont tell me what aussies say ya Sherman Tank……Wank….hahaha

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