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April 2014 Breaking News robotic armor USA military suits Scheduled Test This Summer 2014

April 2014 Breaking News Live Science reports robotic armor USA military suits –
Military’s iron Man Suit Scheduled to Test This Summer 2014

February 2014 Breaking News Plans for killer robots humanoids in the Military to replace troops?

February 2011 Live Science Scientists are getting closer to creating a bionic human, or at least a $6 million one. Today, we can replicate or restore more organs and various sundry body parts than ever before. From giving sight to the blind Bionic eyes to creating a tongue more accurate than any human taste bud, gentlemen, we have the technology

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  1. now just find a way to wrap hardened steel around that, make it comfortable enough to hold a rifle and there you go; you have a super solder that can take bullets.

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