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Another time: US scraps new sanctions against Russia after series of threats

In the wake of the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the Trump administration has repeatedly promised to punish Damascus’ ally, Russia with new sanctions. However, on Monday it said they’d been put on hold. READ MORE:

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  1. In our world dominance is king, any two things or any two world leaders will always battle for dominance , it's the natural order of things, little will battle other little kids for dominance . However with trump and Putin there is no battle there, Putin has already won that battle and trump acknowledges that at every turn, what is it that Putin is blackmailing trump with that is so serious, the trump man is probably into little boys just like the Romans were.

  2. Quite candidly, hacking the US Government would be a blessing for US citizens. The only thing Congress can agree on, is giving themselves a raise. Go Figure!

  3. F** america will learn a hard way very very soon, I wish putin would bomb 20 nukes on the stinky yanky soil.

  4. Those sanction are going nowhere until Russia submit and dismantle the custom union she forged with her allies to the European union and Nato untils then she can always cry about International relation and legal issues😀

  5. Trump's heavy sanctions on Iran have almost crashed their currency … Putin is heavily dependent on Iran for energy revenue … just put 1 + 1 together.

  6. OK who did 911 – who owns CNN? Who controls ISIS? Who did wars on Iraq? Who destroyed Syria? Who destroyed Libya? The real answer is for you to find out if you are a true man!

  7. Who is US to impose anything on anybody?Is US accuser prosecutor & the Judge for all  the World, That's exactly what is going on and somehow US is accusing others of being dictator or dictators. The fact of the matters is US Zionist Stooge government is only a World dictator on this planet.Why is so hard for some  people to understand that.However, that doesn't include Zionist Trolls.That's why we see lot of those Russo Phobic/Zionist Trolls constantly trashing Russia, that's Trolls job and that's why they are here on YouTube.My advice to all is if you see anybody trashing anybody without saying or stating/pointing out any of his own statements and constantly trashing mostly RUSSIAN he's definitely Zionist Troll.Zionist Trolls comments are always the same anti Russian, Russo Phobic and repetitive over and over again.Next time I'll give you people their/Zionist Trolls names and you'll see what I am telling you that's a factual.Have nice day!

  8. LMAO! the russian's don't care about sanctions. if their economy drops to low. they'll just slaughter several million of their own people and get things balanced back out. just like they did before.

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