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Another MSNBC Fake News Story Exposed

This is another example of why MSNBC’s ratings are so low. They are a station of ideologues, not news people. Hopefully NBC’s new owners (COMCAST) will inject some objectivity in their ‘news’.

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  1. @LibertyInProgressNOW If you did the SLIGHTEST bit of fact checking in the 'net, you will see CNN and FOX are FAR more accurate than MSNBC. The public has figured it out, as MSNBC is FAR below CNN and FOX in the ratings ALL DAY. Nobody is watching them except liberals who don't like to hear the other side, and socialists.

  2. @LibertyInProgressNOW CNN is for liberals (I watch it), FOX is is for conservatives (I watch it)… MSNBC is for people who are unable to hear both sides of an argument without name calling.

  3. @LibertyInProgressNOW Elliot Spitser! LOL! Another horn-dog politician unable to keep it in his pants! I bet Kathleen Parker was delighted when she found out who her co-host was. This is their choice for a Republican, and one of their few attempts at restoring credibility. Hopefully Comcast's purchase of NBC will allow them to clean house.

    Chris Christie is doing his best to fix New Jersey… that isn't easy when unions control nearly every aspect of government services.

  4. @KurtWagner011 Joe Scarborough was fired (for good reason) giving donations to political parties when you are supposed to be a 'journalist' is not right.

  5. @LibertyInProgressNOW The tea party is a loosely arranged group of Libertarians. They are against big expensive government, and over regulation. Both things have wrecked this country, Bush and Obama have spent this country into the ground. Hopefully the ones that were elected will do the difficult spending cuts before we wind up like Europe.

  6. MSNBC is not a news station. a NEWS staion covers the news, whether they agree with it or not, MSNBC is very selective, MSNBC NEVER talked about the IRS scandal, because Obama is in hot water… I hope God can forgive the devil worshippers at MSNBC.

  7. msnbc has maybe hundred people that watch that BS show and they have to pay them,  all mainstream news is worthless. 

  8. hopefully, people will wake up and realize that all networks have been guilty of faking the news for many years. They all are part of the same propaganda machine. Look up CNN fake "live" scenes from the first gulf war. Look up their staged Sandy Hook scheme.  We think we have a two party system but we don't. They both work for the same evil entity.  Please spread the word and help wake everyone up, America. The  NWO, Bilderbergs, Globalists and Agenda 21 are not conspiracy theories. Look it up thru youtube or other sources. Don't trust Wikipedia.

  9. Did any of you idiot supporters notice that the pistol was on the opposite side of the body, that the black man's right side was never shown?

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