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Amy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company on the news regarding a Yelp review

Amy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company on the news regarding a Yelp review.

This recording is FAIR USE as it is the smallest practical excerpt available to comment on an evolving national and local item of interest, specifically relating to free speech online and evolving digital culture. This video is necessary to supplement an ongoing online discussion of appropriate business response to online consumer reviews.

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  1. one review does not do that however, many reviews and constant bad treatment of costumers will ruin a business. Have you ever read the review of ABC? They are pretty constructive and keep to the fact that the food is bad and they are nice enough not to mention the horrible way staff and costumer is treated

  2. Has any reporters looked into their past and how they came about?  May be it will shade some light on what happenend. 

  3. She should get of the restaurant business and become a model/moviestar!!
      She's got star quality!          Her husband…….Not so much

  4. But according to her husband, he is a gangster. Well at least that's what he told Gordan Ramsey, and I'm surprised Ramsey didn't haul out a hit him. These people do not know what constructive criticism is.

  5. Those owners have never heard the words "Customer Service" before have they. I'm right now seeing the exact restraunt on Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares here in the UK OMFG

  6. Where did samy get one million dollars to open this restaurant?? Is it "duh"..Gangster money????

  7. Yeah, the crazy dysfunctional verbal abuse toward her employees has been going on for a long, long time. This is not "news" and being on "Kitchen Nightmares" proved to be a major negative for Amy. They had to do damage control on the "Dr Phil Show" and explain their "behavior." What is there to explain? That she is one psycho-crazy "B" who cannot control her anger and temper? Her restaurant sells T-shirts that read, "Here's your pizza. Now go F#@K Yourself!" This is not the "American Dream" — it's the "American Nightmare!"

  8. I figured it out.

    There's a fan in the uploader's room. It's rotating and the sound you hear is when the fan is pointed at the camera/microphone.

  9. Mostly positive reviews…written by Amy, Samy, their multiple sockpuppet accounts. And, oh, yes, their three sons trapped in cat bodies.

  10. i think that towel head samy works at the gas station down block from me wtf i would have smacked the fuck out of that camel jockey if he yelled at me those three fagz have no balls

  11. So was this what Amy was referring to on Kitchen Nightmares when she was telling Gordon Ramsay about a guy starting an "online bullying" campaign against her and her calling him a loser/moron in response? I haven't seen either the original review or Amy's response, but as far as I can tell based on this video and the Kitchen Nightmares episodes, it's sounding less like cyber bullying and more like Amy getting pissed off because someone wrote a bad review. 😛

  12. "I put my heart and soul into everything I put out…." Maybe that's why the food is generally inferror? Her basic personality is reflected in the food. Of course she wouldn't know the truth about anything because she goes deaf if someone has anything negative to say about the food.

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