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Amanpour: How does pulling out of Iran deal make US safe?

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour explains the international implications of President Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

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  1. The Iran deal was a weak, farce, badly done, badly written, and stupid, a signature failure as most scandals and failures coming from the Obama circus.

  2. we should have never been in the Middle East, it was oil. These tribal people have been warring since bible times and it is egoistic to think anyone can bring peace to the M.E. I knew how stupid trump is when he put Jared Kushner in the position of bringing peace there. It told me that trump thinks Kushner is smarter than him!!

  3. Amanpour … go do some gardening or something; Trump has NO plan B huh ? You'll see he has plan "I" srael, because the EU is like tumble weed without a backbone.

  4. Maybe Trump backed out because Iran bribed the Obama administration to make that sweet deal for them. That's according to the Iranian leadership! Boy are you guys on the wrong side of history!! FAKE NEWS! 😂 😜 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  5. This was a plan of the New World Order – they wanted unchecked immigration from the east to destroy our way of life and freedoms in the west . You have seen ISIS behead christians and then their organs are immediately sold for profit . The European Union has already been badly threatened by a take over by Islam and this is their plan . Failing this then they would use nuclear weapons to wipe us out . This has been the plan of the Elite since at least 1980 to reduce the population to 500 million . They already have all the money in the world and they wanted a race of slaves to control . We are so lucky that POTUS and the US Military came forward . I am in Canada .

  6. Hey, who needs facts? Obama never got Senate approval and it wasn’t even signed by Iran. Some ‘agreement.’ It wasn’t U.S. policy, it was Obama’s ‘side deal.’

  7. Hey looser's just wait and see how it all will work out. This is a different deal you don't even have a clue. This is business not personal, something you guys are not used to deal with. We are winning and you can't even see it. This is plan winning not A or B.


  9. Amanpour it makes American safer as the nukes are aiming are USA Israel made the incredible discovery and yet you are arguing about it thank the Israelis i have not heard you saying this you think you are safe !!!!! no you are not don't forget they want to put the jihab on you they want the whole world to be islam
    thank the Jews from the bottom of your heart

  10. Christiane Amanpour knows a lot about "pulling out." That Durka Durka whore demanded it when she was a streetwalker in London. Allah Fuckbar!

  11. So North Korea has the ability to hit American Cities? But not Iran? I guess they forgot about the part where Iran and North Korea have been working hand in hand to further their Nuclear ambitions. Yeah… sorry CNN.. Wrong again.

  12. What country are they rooting for they seem to forget where they are at a bunch of jackasses how do they even stay on air # keeping America great

  13. America is trying to start another war to help them company's here who make the weapons get richer and to put a much bigger deficit on our nation then we are already in.

  14. I was listening to Bill Maher. he was talking about how Trump's mission #1 is to undo everything that Obama ever did.
    his joke was if it were possible to bring Osama Bin Laden back to life he would.

  15. American companies will lose money ,Europian is smarth enough to keep deal and make money threw their companies in Iran

  16. If dumb Obama put in deal that any country who breaks jcpoa deal will be fined and must pay 10 billion dollars to each country in the jcpoa. Then trump would have to explain why its worth paying 50 billion in taxpayer money for breaking Americas word and promise. He cant even pay for a wall let alone convince Americans to pay fines to countries including Iran for breaking deal for Israel. But Obama did nothing knowing trump will withdraw. These morons too dumb to be leaders.

  17. Trumps slogan "make America great again" should be changed to "make israel great again" given the fact he is serving the interests of israel more than that of his own people.

  18. The deal didn't just constrain Iran. It also gave them access to money (including billions of dollars Obama sent to Iran in cash) that they are spending on supporting terrorism. Very stupid deal.

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