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All your base are belong to us news report

A news report featuring “All your base are belong to us” from Zero Wing brought to you by the biased dumbfucks at Fox.

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  1. I guess Fox would know all about "coolness" and mass appeal wearing off fast huh? The way they conduct themselves and the content the bite at, they must always be starving for views.

  2. 2005: All your base are belong to us, Youtube, and new memes

    2016: Trump, Jacob Stashithead, and Damm Daniel…

    Were is the restart button?

  3. "..don't ask questions, just accept it.."
    Very much the directive line of ALL their bullshit broadcasted on TV since the (borg) news program was invented.

  4. Oh, they are so wrong!!! "All your stuff are belong to us" comes from the days of Soviet era communism. It was a Russian accented way of telling the bourgeoisie that all their stuff are belong to the proletariat now. I know this because I was born when Eisenhower was President, and I've studied the history of events prior to that even.

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