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Alabama tough immigration law, effective 9/1/11, requires schools to check the citizenship of every child enrolled in school. It also requires all employers checks the legal status of employees, to make sure they are hiring legally documented citizens. CNN News reports.

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  1. If the federal government would do their job and I N S would enforce the law, states would not have to pass laws like this….I emigrated from Canada, filled my papers, paid the fees, if I could do this so can they….

  2. @scottwjr1 That is their battle cry. Illegal is not a race, but a crime. It seems the racists are more on the illegal side than the support side for bills like this

  3. What is it about the word ILLEGAL that they don't understand. I wish EVERY state would adopt this practice. I'm so sick of Spanish everywhere I look too. If you like your ethnicity so much, stay in your own country and quit trying to change ours!!!!! Learn the English language or GET OUT!!!

  4. That store owner is dumb or maybe I'm dumb. I thought if you hire anybody you automatically check and see if their a citizen. Also why are they saying this will hurt the state of Alabama? If anything this will help the state and make these people go elsewhere. I hope every state implies the same law.

  5. maybe that piece of shit business owner should hire legal residents of all races instead of proving over and over again what racist hispanics really are. Time to wake up from this politically correctness and call them what they really are, CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  6. @blkheb85 Amen to that! I used to have to go to LA on biz trips. wish everyone could see what has happened to LA over the last twenty years. It went from one of the most greatest cities on earth to a third world dump.

  7. It's not racist to enforce immigration law. It annoys me when someone uses the race card or "we are all immigrants" arguement when a state tries to enforce their laws. NEWSFLASH! The U.S. does NOT belong to the Mexicans, ok? Don't give me that bullshit about whites being here illegally in the U.S. long time ago. THAT was long time ago, stop living in the past! If these illegal aliens dislike this law, how about they get out! Also, what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

  8. Any american company that hires illegal's should be fined $20,000 a head made payable to the american citezens who were discriminated against and unemployed as a result. No money should go to the government just the people. I have been jobless and homeless for 2 yrs in Alabama and Florida because of this treason and I have no sympathy for illegals or there border babies. We already have enough degenerates sucking our economy dry. Go back to your country and try legals channels. Adios

  9. I agree with this law completely! Kick the bastards out, and cut off the welfare so the lazy local pricks will go get a job. We're tired of supporting your dead ass! you want a job, well, THERE YA GO! I used to dig post holes for farmers when i was a teenager 2$ a hole, 4 feet deep. You want paid? GO EARN IT!

  10. SORRY RAY! Of course your devastated! You will now have to hire REAL Americans for a regular rate just like the rest of us.

  11. Great point scottwjr!!!! I knoww I am American born in America and I have to show my papers for everything, period!

  12. sry if it's gonna hurt his shop .. but he's profit's come from Illegals and he knows it … sry dude … but cater to legals … and your shop wont lose profits …

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