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Ahmadiyya Muslim USA defends Islam on Fox News

Harris Zafar is one of Ahmadiyya Muslim Spokespersons USA. Here he is in O’Reilly Factor on Fox News broadcast at 8:00pm ET 17 June 2011. Harris is responding to the congressional hearing where US Rep. Peter King raised the question of Muslims in US prisons being radicalised. For background:

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  1. @njb7thgubvf you smerican make me sike no amrecan world pice theos the trith as ir contery starting all the wore allover the worled

  2. Ahmadis are Muslims. Mullahs claim that they aren't and foolishly everyone seems to follow their beliefs. You all have to grow up and do your own research. Go in true depth, you'll understand.

  3. The Ahmadiyyas don't fall into the Islamic faith. They believe in a prophet after Muhammad. It's just like Mormons. They're not a branch of Islam/Christianity. To make a comparison, they're like an acorn off the same tree.

    There's nothing wrong with saying they aren't Muslim. What's wrong is the violence that's brought against them in places like Pakistan.

  4. I have visited the official website for them and done my research on them. They are not. A belief in a prophet after Muhammad voids any claim that you are a Muslim. To be a Muslim, you must strictly believe that Muhammad was the final prophet. Also, the idea that Jesus was reincarnated as another human being is pushing it in terms is Islamic beliefs.

    I don't believe that Ahmadis should be treated violently or discriminately, but it is perfectly fair to say that they are not Muslims.

  5. The vast majority of Muslim scholars state that they are not. They're belief in a prophet after Muhammad voids any idea that they are Muslim. The belief that Muhammad is the final prophet is a strict belief in Islam.

  6. Hey guys Please let me correct u all Ahmadiyya group are not Muslims they are following the Anti Christ be carefull

  7. Christian have had their issues. The crusades, the inquisition… Religions of all kinds have been used to control populations and prosecute wars.

  8. I mean, Muslim scholars are credited with creating the foundations of modern science and mathematics. But I guess that doesn't really mean anything…

  9. Muslims believe that Jesus will return and support what Muhammad delivered. So, he will add nothing to the teachings of Muhammad. Also, if we're looking at it technically, Jesus came before Muhammad and so even though he's coming back, we view him as am older Prophet.

  10. I personally do believe Jesus (pbuh) died. But, that is not the orthodox view and I'm not going to preach it because I'm not extremely well versed on the subject. There are scholars who have studied the subject for much longer than me that would be better to look into.

    That's a valid question and one I feel deserves an answer but I can't give it to you and I'm not going to say anything that I feel might be untrue.

  11. @london160 slavery is a huge sin in Islam and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didnt marry those women out of lust. Please do your research

  12. Bullshit American,Bullshit American, Bullshit American…..

    We here in Britain hate you as much as so called Islamic threat you propaganda satanist/illuminati/Freemasons bitch……..

  13. All Muslims need to abandon their so called Holy Book called the Quran which is full of violent, anti-Semitic and discriminatory teachings. It is impossible for anyone with morals to read the biography of their prophet Muhammad, and yet emerge psychologically and mentally fit. Muslims need to realise that it is their faith that has degraded them for over 1400 years, but neither they confess or want to confess, and are paying a very high price.

  14. the person is smart, thoughtful, good. but, in large groups are big, dumb and dangerous animals. that's ALL people regardless of artificial dividers like religion and race.

  15. I feel so shocked when I read any Comment from Hindu brothers or Sister about Islam and against The Quran because if you look at your religion you guys won't be able to say anything to others I think we as Muslim taught you some manners. Other a religion which has strong cast system between poor and rich. No value of women just few decades before Hindus used kill women after the death of her husband.women don't have any right in legacy, property. So so many other reasons I have to give to you.

  16. Please I am not attacking you just telling you your reality. What do you think what is shoot achoot. A poor Hindu can't even touch or use rich berhaman Hindu daily usage things. A achoot poor hindu is listened VEDH Geeta they used kill them. Money in your term Lakshmi is an other type of God, Worship the Cow even some of Hindu used to Drink Cow Urine. In Hinduism you have to make a statue give it a name consider it God and Worship it.

  17. Now Politically if you see India, they talk about Mumbai Attack even your own intelligence member stated in courts that Mumbai Attacks were pre planned and it was an Indian conspiracy. You guys say Ajmal kasab was Pakistani Muslim buy in a video he is saying oh Bhagwan for give me. So please my Hindu Brothers and sisters before commenting About Islam take look of your country and religion. Stay bless

  18. He is right, though. Ahmadiyyas deny the finality of Muhammad S.A.W's prophethood and that is unacceptable.

  19. Who told you that? The Mullahs? We accept the Khatam Nabiyeen, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad Mustafa (saw). He was the final law-bearing prophet.

  20. He was the final NABI and the final RASUL. None will come after him, not a nabi or not a rasul. Your leader was pathetic and was a dajjal and all you need to do is listen to the hadith of Muhammad SAW and read the Qur'an.

  21. Muhammad (saw) confirmed 3 times that a Nabi will come after him. He stated the Mahdi will be a Nabi'Ullah, Nabi'Ullah, Nabi'Ullah.

    Nowhere ever in the Qur'an did it mention that Muhammad (saw) is the final Nabi and final Rasul.

    Even Ayesha (ra) said, "Say that Muhammad (saw) is the seal of the prophets, but do NOT say that he is the last and final messenger."

    Even she knew that Allah (swt) can bring more prophets and messengers whenever Allah pleases.

    Stop listening to your Mullahs.


  22. I cant imagine a prophet who at the age of 54 will have sex with a 9year old prepubescent child, marry the wife of his adopted son, take women captive and turn them into sex slaves, murder his critics and fight people until they believed what he believed in. Its impossible for anyone with morals to believe Muhammad was a prophet of God. Muslims refuse to refute the despicable teachings of the Quran endorsed by this 7th century criminal, and are continuing to pay the price.

  23. May Allah forgive you for the blatant lies you have been telling about the Qur'an. Allah SWT HIMSELF calls you a liar when He says in Surah Ahzab "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men (he is not going to leave any male heirs). He is the Rasool of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets. Allah has the knowledge of all things."
    Muhammad SAW never did say a nabi will come after him. This is also a grave lie you will be punished for telling unless you repent.

  24. The Mahdi will not be a nabi, he will be a descendent OF the nabi Rasulullah SAW. Do not even show me your bastardized versions of the hadith.
    Your hadith about Aaisha RAA is a blatant fabrication, as ahmadiyya tradition is to fabricate everything and anything, like your dajjal leader Ghulam, who didn't even know arabic well, who stole verses from the qur'an and had someone twist them to his own verses. You need to learn to see kufr when you see it. May Allah guide you.

  25. We find in many hadith that the messiah will be a prophet of God.
    In Hadith it is mentioned that the mahdi will be Persian by descendant(bukhari, kitabultafseer) and he will come from the east(ibne majah)
    Ghulam Ahmad is Persian by descendant and he is born in India which is in the east of Arabia.
    Descendant of Muhammad(saw) means that he will be a firm and true follower of Muhammad(saw).

  26. Astaghfirullah. You change the words of the Qur'an? Are you trying to change the translation to something that Allah (swt) NEVER said?

    In Chapter 33, verse 40, the term, Khatamun Nabiyeen is mentioned, what does Khatumun Nabiyeen mean? In Arabic, Khatam means SEAL. YOU changed the word to LAST. In Arabic, last is Akhir, NOT Khatam.

    The true translation read, '…but he is the Messenger of Allah and the SEAL of the prophets.'

    NOWHERE did it ever state he was the LAST prophet.

    Learn the facts.

  27. My friend, we don't even have to go FAR to prove the Ahmadiyya Community to be a community established by Allah (swt) and not man.

    If the Promised Messiah (as) was truly a false prophet, then Allah (swt) would NOT hesitate to destroy him and his legacy and his false Khilafat, because if Allah (swt) does NOT do this, then true believers would fall astray and accept Ahmadiyyat.
    Here we are, 100 years later, and it is the FASTEST growing Islamic community in the WORLD led by the FIFTH Khalifa!

  28. To asimsparks:
    Why dont u come with statements regarding the prophecies of the Imam Mahdi and the Promised Messiah?
    Our statements and beliefs are 100% according Quran and Sunnah.

  29. Let see now, those horrible Christian terrorists are strapping bombs to themselves, sending rockets to other non Christians, they kill everyone who isn't a Christian. Damn those Christian terrorists!  Only the Democrats would come up with this crock of hooey.

  30. Funny Fox news is scared about muslims attacking when  But are quiet  about Christian terroism and crimes like  the  murder of the scientist Hypatia and Gallielo Gallilei, the Crusades, The catholic Inquisitations against Muslims and JEWS, The KKK which used christian icongoraphy in thier hate speech, The Hutaree, 

  31. Im a christian, Im norwegian, I live in Norway, I hate the American Government. I have muslim friends and christian friends. Nothing wrong with both of them. Only wrong with a few individuals. 
    I respect you muslims, and i support you. American media always has to point out actions by individuals and paint all muslims with one brush. In some african countries, extrimist christian are behading, massmurdering, blowing up building etc, but no one then paints christians with the brush that all christians are terrorists.
    it really is sad

  32. I am an American Muslim and let me be the first to say that yes Muslim community is responsible to certain extent about what is happening in regards to extremism. Muslims nerd to be more vocal and condemn terrorism and have dialigue with Jews and Christians. So i do agree that thesr Extremists groups does take scriptures from Quran and interpret it to their own twisted sick view.

    So yes terrorists are using verses of quran and are citing the quran as the source for terrorism…BUT that is their own sick fanatical interpretation that the vast majority dont interpret that way.

    And as a Muslim I dont get offended about cartoons or anything else because i know not everyone will understand and i cant change anyone they have a right to their opinion and respect everyone….Again I am an American Muslim and I thank the American government for helping me in my life. God bless America!

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