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5.2.14 – Recent U.S. Unemployment Report Nothing to Celebrate – Fox News/Cavuto

While Democrats are cheering the April Jobs report and pushing the
headline ‘unemployment fell to 6.3%’, Swiss America Chairman Craig
R. Smith says we must not overlook the 806,000 Americans
who fell out of the workforce last month, the highest number
since 1978. “This report may play well politically, but it is doing
nothing to help the economy,” says Smith. He feels strongly the
U.S. Q1 GDP number of .1% growth is a harbinger of bad things
ahead. Charlie Gasparino feels we’re just “one major shock away
from falling back into recession.” Gary Smith said he feels government
unemployment figures are a “propaganda number” and agrees we’re one
“government-mandated program away from recession.”
How do we fix it? According to Smith, We must, 1) abandon the notion of command-control
economy, 2) Stop the Fed, who is making things worse by piling on
more debt, 3) Break up the big banks which are now bigger now than before the 2008 crisis.

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