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4MIN News September 12, 2013: Latest ISON Data, US Climate Swings

They want to blame you :

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  1. are you a helioseismologist?

    I was watching another channel. there is a theory that the movement on the surface of the sun, are actually vibrations from inside the sun. kind of cool. bye

  2. here it is:
    "Secrets of the Sun: Full Documentary"
    Kind of interesting to watch. what they don't cover is the quantum physics finding that photons are aware of what other photons are doing. this is unique to our planet and our sun. worth the watch.

  3. Children, at the hour when we should be collectively helping either with information, not discrediting or spreading misinformation. Cool that hate, we're going to see enough of that in the streets soon.

  4. The pre-report for the fire breakout at the New Jersey Seaside Boardwalk was due to mostly weather…the fire initiated at a Ice cream store, but the winds were at 30 to 40 MPH…and that the direct cause for the spreading of fire burning over 30 businesses and six blocks of the historical and newly restored (Sandy Storm), Boardwalk. It is a sad time for Jersey people…no life were lost at this time.

  5. Two areas of research…1. the relationship of Celestial bodies with our Star…Flares and CMEs, if so how…direct impact or at a certain degree…2. Sundiving or Grazing Comets.., how the sun affects its optical (photon) view as it approaches the photosphere of the same. On my way to Tampa Florida…lunch anyone?

  6. Looks like Colorado under ground cities are under test…it is called the 500 year flooding storm…I am being an observer at this point.

  7. Could you please define each level that my question insulted you? I was trying to determine if that single frame was something necessary that you wanted us to know about – by drawing attention to it for those of us who care to read the comment section. I can't even pause on that frame although I did notice it. Jeez!

  8. SO, you are one of the latest gatherers I subscribed to, and one of the few I am unsubscribing to. In an age when uncompromised solid info is so important, your attempts to discredit and belittle others trying to weave their way through this mess and have the gumption to share what they find doesn't discredit them; it does, however discredit you. Your questionable intentions cause me to question your information every day when I hear your voice, until I have come to feel little different than I

  9. Do when watching media news. I truly loved your presentation and valued your perspectives, but this silly game you are playing just devalues everything. Feel free to remove these comments, they were intended for you, not the masses. I just thought you might like to know why your channel lost value to me and why you lost a sub this morning. If it matters to you.

  10. @thedevilinyourhands You are telling people who unsubscribe from SO that they didn't subscribe. What is wrong with you is that you are a shill, a liar & looser begging for big trouble. You have chosen to be a Judass and if you don't chose to walk the path of Human-e- Dignity you will sooner or later, inescapably meet your Match. Peace …

  11. "Feel free to remove these comments, they were intended for you, not the masses."
    …then why didnt you have the grace to send a PM? clearly you are a manipulator and a liar.

  12. Huge floods in Colorado Here …3 dead, whole towns destroyed & evacuated (Lyons) 2,500 residents… Bridges in Ft. Collins Closed This morning even after improving conditions begin…

  13. I dont mess with anyone. MrMav came here and screamed antisemetic nonsense. He has called doom twice and failed and Ive NEVER called him out for it.

  14. I have idea what you are talking about. Be less vague, and if you aim to talk to me, do it in the proper way, send me a PM- you are lucky I even saw this comment amidst the 1000s I'll get today. A21CS "They Want to Blame You" is why I'm here, and the secondary reason I'm here is "How to Watch the Sun". If you have an issue, see the About and FAQ on my website or send a PM. Your actions here are vague .

  15. MrMav? He claimed doom in 2012. I disagreed and he attacked me. He claimed doom earlier this year and I disagreed, he spewed antisemetic filth at me. He is doing it again now and I still have not made any video about him. Just what the f*** do you accuse me of doing here? Can I accuse you of being anti-Semitic?

    Or is it AT? Whom I've debunked properly on a number of occasions, politely, only to have him take down videos and call mea liar? BP? 100 lies over 5 years on 5 channels and now this?

  16. Duly noted. I'm no stranger to the paleoclimactic research methodology. I've spoken with the tribal elders (Chumash) – they've given me their time (and insights) on these matters. I appreciate your reply…and "thanks" 🙂

  17. i appreciate your objective points of view most of all as well as your perspective on agenda 21. your observations are well noted and respected. i tune in once a day.
    thank you for what you do. martin.

  18. We would be amazed if we could see whats happening in the spirit realm no one could handle it.I have had several reoccurring dreams of earthquakes,nuclear wars, and meteors.I also had a dream a bunch of pawns were bringing in the antichrist and the Lord warned me that many people would think he is God. When he was revealed me and a bunch of christians shouted against him and a huge revival broke out! I had a dream a long time ago about joker being the antichrist or the spirit of antichrist

  19. Brody, I could walk right thru the ionosphere and not know its there, yet it behaves like a solid wall for certain radio frequencies. Which when ionised, bounce signals like crazy. So from our perspective, it all depend on what we mean by density. I'm thinking it may be very hard to detect those things from the sun which we see so easily here from earth.

  20. The Son of God wants to give all persons on earth the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever. The Messiah gives perfect instruction in the bible book of John, chapter 14. Learn Love Forever, The Lamb of God is worthy, Please hear Him… .Spirit, Teaching, Comfort, Forever, we all need more Comforting…Peace children

  21. S0 – I'm in a separate part of reality teaching another side of our, to say tersely, global situation. GodvsAtheism-d0t-c0m is 'Eliminating the Nonsense' and will teach of not only science & history, but science & history COVER UPS, food/air based cognitive influences & highlight the sciences (what we KNOW at least) that explain a seemingly spiritual nature of our Universe. I hope you see this/ respond back!

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