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2015 Breaking News USA ready to attack Iranian nuclear facilities with awe-inspiring plan B

2015 Breaking News USA is ready to attack Iranian nuclear facilities with an awe-inspiring plan B the 30,000 pound bunker busting Massive Ordnance Penetrator

Breaking news July 1 2015 USA Plan B for Iran nuclear Ambitions

ISIS ISIL DAESH Syria USA special forces kill Sr Leader Abu Sayyaf
Last days End Times News Prophecy update North Korea Nuclear Threat Breaking news May 12 2015

End Times News prophecy update USA Kerry to meet with Putin on Ukraine Syria & Iran Breaking News May 12 2015

Last days end times news prophecy update USA Navy Stealth Nuclear Submarines Superiority

End Times News Update ISIS ISIL Islamic State claims Beheadings Ethiopian Christians in Libya Breaking news April 20 2015 Christian Persecution

End Times News Update April 2015 Breaking news MUSLIM WAR 4 Dominance Superiority Worldwide Saudi Arabia SUNNI VS Iran SHIITE

End Times News Update Breaking News April 2015 Netanyahu quotes Iran plans for the destruction of Israel

End Times News Update Saudi Arabia to allow Israel Fighter Jets use its airspace for Iran Airstrike

News Global Terrorism on the Rise End Times News Update

End Times News Update April 2015 Breaking News Christian Persecution Kenya – Shabab the Somali terrorist group singled out shot & killed 148+ 79 injured non Muslims at a college

End Times News Update April 15 2015 Breaking News Japan Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Crisis Update

Warriors Fight the Good Fight 1 Timothy 6:12

End Times News Update Not if rather WHEN Antichrist 666 mark of beast Great Tribulation Armageddon
Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days end times news update

End Times News Update Breaking News HAARP ChemTrails Weather Weapons Mind Control exposed PART3 of 4

End Times News Update Global March against Chem Trails Geo Engineering HAARP Breaking News April 2015- PART2 of 4

ChemTrails Fact or Fiction YOUR COMMENTS??? End Times News Update

End Times News Update 2015 Breaking News Ukraine USA troops Russia Kremlin angered could destabilize the situation

End Times News Update 2015 Breaking News Yemen USA drone strike for or against IRAN – your comments?

End Times News Update 2015 Breaking News Russian Military Threat to Baltics suicidal for Vladimir Putin

Russian Air Force Superior Fire Power – End Times News Update

End Times News Update Breaking News 2015 George Bush vs Obama on foreign policy End Times News Update

End Times news Update April 2015 Breaking News Police State Armored Vehicle Police surround little dog being a danger to society

End Times News Update RISE of CHINA – BRICS to use Chinese Yuan as new GLOBAL reserve currency backed by GOLD in 2015? Russia signs $100 Billion fund to rival IMF Breaking News May 4 2015

End Times News Update USA will NOT rescue Hundreds of Americans Stranded In Yemen says Too Risky Breaking News 2015

End Times News Update ISIS ISIL DAESH USA HomeGrown Terrorists Shootout Muhammad cartoon contest Breaking News May 2015 End Times News Update

End Times news Update Former Muslim Imam Explains how the Quran teaches Jesus Christ is God Creator

Chief of Police Arizona Fired – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191
City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

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  1. you don't understand that we didn't vote for him he was put in but if you think we're weak come on over and f*** with us our government is nothing what the people want but will fight for our rights so come on up dont talk s*** bring it

  2. don't take niceness for weakness America loves everybody but when we get slammed we get pissed our forefathers fought for this f**** country and guess what will do the same and there's more of us I love God and I love America that's all I need bring it

  3. How ironic that the US feel they have the right to develop bigger and more hideous weapons  and yet feel they have the right to tell Iran and others that they can't  have nukes and pretty basic ones at that,   Do as we say and not as we do is their policy.

  4. A tremendous myth is… that Iran HAS to build nuclear weapons.  So negotiating around that issue, based on this NEED to BUILD, is ABSURD!!, and always has been.  Iran has ZERO reason to build nuclear weapons, as both Russia and China are FAR MORE THAN WILLING… to give them all the nuclear weapons they want.

    SO I figure, they're doing exactly what they say they are… developing their own nuclear power plant, because THAT device will stand over a long period of time as a testament to Iranian brain power, and THAT matters to them.  Meanwhile they get to screw with us and play mind games, which gives Ali Khamenei a real hard on!!

  5. do you see how they try to scare people of an upcoming enemy??? that's Satan Israel .Iran is building no Nukes .and if anyone is more worthy of being searched it's Israel who practically kills thousands of unarmed and helpless people who have no power every now and then and has a TWO TO THEE HUNDRED pack of nukes and creates and supports and trains terrorism in the whole world . i don't believe Iran is fighting no bad Guys .not the Alqaeda and ISIS and not standing against Israel and the U.S .

  6. Fake ayetollah of Iran is the top agent of philstine .iranian never useing the shall of philstine never ever any Iranian were it.he is the dirty rat .agent of philstine and time will show .he is the one flaming all world .he was waiting for his money which he has to support all trrorist organization over the world.he is not to lose anything's .he want to start the lll war .what he will lose .? Nothing .he came to power by tricks if you lose still is the winner . Hangs the regime is the no 1plan at this time with un involment .all the vote in Iran is fabricated and is fake

  7. Oh, you don't want to abandon your nuclear research program? And your a third world developing nation and culture we haven't come to understand yet? No problem. We'll just drop the biggest non-nuclear bomb we have on you destroying everything in it's wake, all the while spending an ironic, slightly funny message. Plus, we're just doing this for oil. I'd apologize for my government, but I'm afraid they'd apologize for my disappearance.

  8. Massive Ordnance Penetrator, no wonder Gretchen was excited. This is bigger than her festivus pole story at Christmas. Breaking News people…Bill O'Reilly has just claimed that title for himself! He says it reflects his interview style to a tee.

  9. Amazing! America is claiming to invent something! Ha ha. They got all their military technology from Europeans. Jet planes from Germany and UK, space program from Nazis war criminals. These bombs are just copies of the British Tallboy and Grandslams from WW2.
    America has a great track record of total ignorance as most of them could not even find their own country on a world map.

  10. Iran has no nukes, never had any nukes and has a fatwa against them. USA on the other hand has thousands of nukes and Israel has hundreds of nukes. USA also destroyed 2 cities and incinerated many tens of thousands of people after the Japanese were ready to surrender. America dropped the bombs to threaten Russia but Russia showed the Americans they were not as clever as they thought by producing their own nukes to retaliate. MacArthur already had said the Japanese were ready to surrender in May 1945 as long as they could keep the Emperor.

  11. keep dreaming . Israel und america are not able to attack Iran" …….Dogs that bark don't bite " …Israel could not stop Hamas home-made rockets attacks  on Israel  .  . Without ceasefire with hamas or Hizbullah Israel could not stop rocket attacks on israel ….  .Israel loses Lebanon and gaza war .. …Israhell is too small to last even one week of  REAL WAR ….Iran has enough modern weapons to defend itself.,.. just one thing if Iran is so weak why is israel so afraid of attacking Iran ?

  12. Never Iran is to powerful, it's only a matter of years when Russia and China come out of the closet and attack amerika to topple the US dollar and the IMF

  13. The UK RAF did it first in WW2, with Barnes Wallis's 'Tallboy' and the 'Grand Slam' massive ordnance penetrators.

  14. XD they cant cuz thi job need a big dick and amrican people dont have it but iranian people have a bigger one than world nice joke

  15. another bullshit story,
    USA neve attacks Iran, PERSIAN GULF is the main trades for USA, and Iran will stop any movement if anything happens, then what would happen to us economy in oil sector?

  16. damn, fox.. plain lies and shit straight into your viewers face..
    and without any shame bombing this propaganda..


  18. US friends with Iran… gives them money to make nuclear power stations, then doesn't like Iran, helps overthrow Iraqi government and installs puppet dictator Saddam, creates coup in Iran installs religious nutters… tells Iraq to fight Iran, 10 year war millions killed… Saddam finds out Kuwait is drilling for oil diagonally under the border stealing Iraqi oil, Iraq attacks, US attacks Iraq,… Sadaam is now angry, decides not to use Dollars and not use the global banking system, US decides that even though there is no evidence they should attack Iraq for WMDs and kill the leader and install their own leaders… Iraq sells oil in Dollars and joins the global banking system. US moves on to Lybia, US moves on to Syria… and US will move on to Lebanon, Somalia and then who knows.

  19. no need to attack and kill Arabs, it is enough to bomb Iranian Nuk facilities, the facilities are near Arabian countries not Iranian big cities so many Arabs will die from Radiation.

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