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2015 Breaking news Japan USA China sea Navy presence Angers China WARNS retaliation

2015 Breaking News USA China Stand Off China Sea CFR Council Foreign Affairs

Breaking News June 30 2015 USA China standoff last two weeks dangerously close brink of war

China urges peaceful development of seas says conflict leads to disaster

Breaking News China Building Military Base in disputed China Sea near Japan

China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims

Danger zone USA China conflict rising China Military Buildup

China seeking to gain control of oceans in the Asia-Pacific region

End Times News Update America USA Downward Spiral & Rise of China Iran Russia Alliance

Chinese General on Nuclear USS Ronald Reagan Amid China Sea tensions

Rise of COMMUNIST China a threat to Japan USA and the world???

Breaking News 2015 China Russia call for NWO New World Order Globalization

Asian Pacific countries on alert China’s growing threat in China seas

Breaking News 2015 China ending dollar’s hold on reserve currency by September?

Putin Tests Nuclear Forces & NATO expansion

USA President Barack Obama Invites and China accepted Pacific Rim Military Exercises 23 nations in total at RIMPAC2014

Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days

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  1. why those goverments and people`s destroy`s ? why are those climate change movements are angry to china`s and close to close to syria ? be quiet`s and let`s see what happen`s .

  2. I think that the Americans , should send the whole Pacific carrier fleet through the center of the area just to see what the buggers would do, with orders to defend itself with all weapons if attacked

  3. Now its china vs the whole asian countries,US, and other partd of the globe.A very dangerous game for china claiming the whole west pacific ocean(some calls it china sea or west Philippine sea)namingnit china sea ,china thinks it is their sea know your history chinx ,and go home to china mainland.

  4. The countries in the area may have deplomatic ties with China..but concerning with 'The South China Sea'…they preferred AMERICA…

  5. On historical ground china claims ownership over its territory and islands but the disputant countries are claiming as per the UNCLOS agenda.

  6. Just to be honest but China should just forget about World War Two. Like all of their excuses are about Japan invading em but guess what that was like 60-70 years. It's like saying hey we own these islands a an apology of WW2

  7. Be generous, brothers and sisters around the world!  Give all that red china wants and needs on the surface of this Earth;  we will move our family to a different planet to live.  Red china will not be invited.  Will red china claim our future planet as its planet, too?

  8. Someday the core of this earth will be cool down, its gravity is weaker, and everything on the Earth will be floating into the space.  Can red china keep all the things its robbed from human family?

  9. I guess China can claim the area. It's only against the International law of the sea. Whether or not they can enforce it remains an open question. Diplomacy is great, but if China insists on a confrontation, they will probably get one from a consortium of Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and the US. If they want to drill for off shore oil fine. If they want to restrict shipping in and through the area, that's another question that will probably have to be answered by force. The Chinese navy is not capable of enforcing an exclusion zone in the area. China's argument that Japan invaded it 80 years ago is specious, Japan has been peaceful and a threat to no one since the close of WWII.
    The best solution would be an agreement for the claimants to share in the oil and gas deposits in the area. The most probably solution will probably involve the US having to enforce the rights of all nations in the area to use the shipping lanes through the area as well as fish and drill for oil and natural gas.

  10. Japan has made a huge mistake in letting China threatening its sovereignty; Japan was a nation of worriers with great world respect with much honour. China has always been ignorant, steals what it can't create, it views Japan as weak and has no respect for Japan. China takes everything and everyone one ignores it. China the fat spoiled kid steals everything, eats everything just ask Africa; what happened to its fish? But China should know this; when the world gets hungry the world eats Chineses and we are all getting hungry watching China consume everything. Eat world eat….

  11. Blame this mess on this trades with China for creating a fat pig savage China that now wants to take over the world! it's time to take them seriously and aggressively! Starts with squeezing their economy to a depression by cutting the trades with them and sanction their as*** ! forget about the borrowed trillions! just do it anyway! Fuc***

  12. the whole south china sea area is a major powder keg, waiting for someone to lite the fuse. the world is headed for a major reset of boundrys and borders, china will suffer the same fate as japan did when it tried to dominate the whole area.

    EARTH now is slowly dying because of us..

  14. One day we will surrender to earth, and GOD.
    –> Maybe we live in purpose.Question and Memory.

  15. "One for all, and all for one"!!! All these because of China's illegal 9-line historical claims in the SCS/WPS/ECS.. after the UN Arbitral Tribunal will hand down its final ruling in favor of the PH case..all the international allied countries will start the real "push" in whatever means possible until this issue will come to its final end.


  16. China's wealth is from continuously breaking trade agreements with other nations, unfairly/not allowing imports from other nations, and against international protocols willfully manipulating their currency to enrich themselves at the financial loss of other outside peoples.       China is a garbage people. At some point they will be fairly (and naturally) beaten-down, bringing this onto themselves by the above 'China-ness'.

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  18. All countries should change the chart to read 'Sea of Nations', or something; it reads 'South China Sea' for these INTERNATIONAL waters!  (probably why china is so confused, ha ha ha ha ……………. too stupid to understand what's international waters 🙂

  19. In the 3rd century, the local government of the Jin Dynasties (China) exercised jurisdiction over the South China Sea islands by sending patrolling naval boats to the surrounding sea areas. (Nordquist & Moore 1998, page 155)

    5th–13th centuries: Naval forces of the Song State of the Southern Dynasties (420-479 AD) patrolled the Paracel and Spratly islands.[43] In the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), the islands were placed under the administration and authority of the Qiongzhou Perfecture (now Hainan Province).[43] Chinese administration of the South China Sea continued into the North and South Song dynasties (970-1279).[43]

    1883 – When the Spratlys and Paracels were surveyed by Germany in 1883, China issued protests.[40]

    1887 – The Convention Respecting the Delimitation of the Frontier Between China and Tonkin between France and the Qing Empire set the maritime boundary in the Gulf of Tonkin.[49][50][51] The 1887 Chinese-Vietnamese Boundary convention signed between France and China after the Sino-French War said that China was the owner of the Spratly and Paracel islands.[40][52]

    1898 – The Philippine Islands were ceded by Spain to the United States in the Treaty of Paris following the Spanish–American War. The U.S. reminded the Philippines at its independence (1946) that the Spanish-American treaty of 1898 made it clear that the western limit of the Philippines islands did not include the Spratlys (South China Sea).

    1956 – Vietnam (DRV) declares Paracel and Spratly Islands are historically Chinese territory.[63]

    1958 – The People's Republic of China issued a declaration defining its territorial waters which encompassed the Spratly, Paracel Islands and other islands in the South China Sea. The prime minister of Vietnam (DRV), Pham Van Dong, sent a diplomatic note to Zhou Enlai, stating that "The Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam respects this decision." The diplomatic note was written on September 14 and was publicized on Nhan Dan newspaper(Vietnam) on September 22, 1958.

    Pham Van Dong:
    Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Vietnam (SRV), in office, 2 July 1976 – 18 June 1987
    Prime Minister of Vietnam (DRV), in office, 20 September 1955 – 2 July 1976

    From the Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi:

    The fact is, according to the Treaty of Paris in 1898, the Treaty of Washington in 1900 and the Convention Between the United States and Great Britain of 1930 which defined the territory of the Philippines, the western boundary of the Philippines is delimited by 118 degrees east longitude. The Huangyan Island (Scarborough) and Nansha Islands (Spratly) are completely to the west of 118 degrees east longitude. They are not the Philippines' territory. After the Philippines gained independence, the domestic law of the Philippines, and the relevant treaties concluded by the Philippines all accepted the legal force of the three treaties mentioned above, and confirmed the scope of its territory to be limited by 118 degrees east longitude. Nevertheless, after the 1970s, the Philippines (dictator Marcos) staged four military operations and illegally invaded and occupied eight islands and reefs of China's Nansha Islands. This is what is at the bottom of the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines.

    1968 – The Philippines (dictator Marcos) sent troops to three islands on the premise of protecting Kalayaan citizens, and announced the annexation of the Kalayaan island group (South China Sea).

    China has repeated many times: the South China Sea archipelagos are China's sovereignty, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) does not have jurisdiction over the sovereignty issue. Specified in China's UNCLOS ratification declarations, China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a) (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention.

    Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, United Kingdom and many other countries do not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention:

    The Russian Federation declares that, in accordance with article 298 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, it does not accept the procedures, provided for in section 2 of Part XV of the Convention

  20. the way of china they love to steal creating rice made in stfoam,eat all kind of meat latest soup made by fetus bcause one family 2 child only

  21. Peace and LOVE from USA. US and China and Russia Allies one day we are not going to fight eachother everyone in the world hopes the planet does not need a ww3 what we need to do is unite and get rid of the scum of isis and allies if they have any oh yeah the Talib I'm mean really that's a true evil enemey

  22. if the US and China have war, the Japan, Australia, Phi, Indo, Malassia , VN……..not intervene . then we are very selfish. The US is far away, but they are ready for the war to protect peace for others . we cannot stand aside. pls think carefully .

  23. why did the usa signed the Cairo declaration in 1943 where they declared: we will do anything within our power to force Japan to surrender n return all lands they occupied b force to their rightful owners the senkanku islands where Chinese till Japan attacked n occupied them in 1893 50 years B4 the declaration was signed? why did the usa go back on this declaration they signed without any consaltation with China let the Chinese have their islands back its theirs

  24. China and people of china are very ugly mother fuckers they are dirty than terrorist lets come together to fuck china totally

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