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2014 June 26 Breaking News USA deploys 2 Nuclear B-2 bombers Europe war game exercises

2014 June 26 Breaking News USA deploys 2 Nuclear B-2 bombers to Europe for war game exercises

June 10 2014 Breaking News NATO launches fresh war games near Russia border – NATO on Monday launched one of its largest military exercises in the Baltic states since tensions spiked with Russia border over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Around 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles from 10 countries including Britain, Canada and the United States are participating in the Sabre Strike exercises near the Latvian capital Riga. Russia has voiced its objections to the exercises which move to neighboring Lithuania

June 10 2014 Breaking News USA President Barack Obama unveils $1B security plan aimed at Russia

May 6 2014 USA Deploys Three B-52 Bombers to UK for Drills
The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, multi-purpose strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons

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  1. Oh look!!
    Its that copy of the German brothers flying wing that America stole at the end of the last war
    You never know, one day there might he something that really is thought of by an America as asposed to stolen and then followed by the big song and dance act at how clever America is, excuse me while I find a paper bag to throw up in,
    While I think of all the inocent women and choldren being killed because of American greed.
    I feel that there are some really needy Americans to spend well over five billion dollars on, rather than using it to cause the problems now in place in the Ukraine.
    This by the way was part and parcel of yhe fowl mouthed woman and her telephone conversation about who THEY WANTED IN POWER in the Ukraine
    Not the people of the Ukraine, they get no say, even in a proper referendum
    because America says their legal choice does not count in the eyes of America
    and continues to pay for the private army for America to be there helping with the killing of women and children.
    What a stinking secpit of thugs America has turned into and is proud of
    May it be the first country to sink below the waves, at least ee eont have the smell anymore!!!!

  2. @ Rodane Hamulton…the air force has different planes to perform different assignment…for example. You will definitely not take a two wheel drive car four wheeling of road will you…so in this case the military has a stealth b2 bomber which is the plane you just saw really a ghost plane to deliver a special package at very high altitude and escape unharmed the smaller planes will clear the path and blow up surface to air missile Instalations for this particula package.

  3. Can it go invisible and take back Ukraine on the ground lol a f for us readiness and reaction to ground combat and contact with enemy forces

  4. When the economic collapse comes; they will all stop the war for days.  Stock up canned foods now until 6 months; no more gas, get a Bicycle.  Prepare your hearts, go to Confession and try not to hate. 

  5. Hey Obama, we do not have nothing to eat anymore inside USA and yet you are competing with Putin who is a Billionaire!  Don't you care anymore for the hungry as long as you elevate your Pride chicken?  Nuts. LOL.

  6. Oh Is,nt it just great of him to support other countries freedoms while he distableizzes EVERYTHING in USA that has to do with freedom!!!!

  7. If you watched this then you've enough an interest shown already so, search G77 summit for left/right hand redistribution of global wealth of NWO in regards to a # of things, most notably perhaps on 6/20/2014 and 6/10. The main location of the hub of the IMF to China from D.C. where it's been since 1944(I think?). I seen a comment of ''all Americans are NOT greedy'' below and being an American, more shamefully at an increased rate undoubtably than ever before! I've a large # of FB friends that live abroad and thankfully they know as well ( it sounds like its generally known too) that the Corporations of the USA DO NOT represent the will of the ppl here. Congressional approval is at 6-7%! So clearly this poll indicates the lack of trust we've placed in the hands of ''elected'' officials w/ public interest not even remotely being displayed.
    Anyways, even I was shocked by the summit's actions! (Which nowdays is a rarity most honestly) So, as I said above, take another step and go even further and look into this! (You will NOT be at all disappointed, worth the hour or l wouldn't waste my time writing all this!)

  8. The Zionists are ordering western white Christians to kill their eastern white Christian brethren in Russia, and vice versa. Will you comply?

  9. America making fool of them selves China and Russia are not defeat-able they are the most strongest power today and have 50000 of war heads So White faggot back off before no one can see you again 

  10. Excuse me John Joslin… Americans have nothing to do with this. Our younger generation volunteered for war. Not drafted, got taken for a ride by THE ELITE SATANIC GLOBAL FREAKS. THEY are in.the UN and they control our leaders and have started every war. Crazy bolsheviks from way back. Every leader that has ever neen comes from the 13 bloodlines from Europe. Americans were tricked. We have nice things but people work 60 hr weeks and still screwed.

  11. Get off it people. Look around every country Africa , So. America , Germany, Korea, Japan, India, all these countries have been set up to say Democracy , but poor, and women, and minorities are not represented. THE GLOBALIST BANKER ELITE RUN THE WORLD. THE BANKERS MANIPULATE EVERU STOCK MARKET , TSKE ALLONIES, MAKE DEALS WITH THE BIGGEST CORP TO MAKE MONEY ON WAR, ENERGY AND FUEL. THESE PEOPLE USE MIND CONTROL. SATANIC, IDOL WORSHIPPING CANNIBALS, SACRAFICING BABIES, USING OUR BOYS TO DO IT.

  12. These people are in every cpuntry, every religion. They use us to make money on war machines and to depopulate. GEORGIA GUIDE STONES. They want to kil most of us. The two sides in politics are MEN FAKE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS. The other side IS DEMOCRAT, LIBERAL, MINORITIES, GAY, TREE HUGGERS. They love the CREATION,MORE THAN THEIR CREATOR. The Rep. men only love themselves,MONEY&POWER. USA RUN BY ELITES, TAXES GO TO THE Queen.War funded by org. Crime/ they are the Mafia .

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