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2014 July Breaking News USA Marines resume F-35B flights on schedule to attend England Air Show

2014 July Breaking News REUTERS USA Marines resume F-35B flights on schedule to attend England Air Show to show investors F-35 in action

2014 June 24 Breaking News REUTERS F-35A fighter jet flights suspended jet fire at USA air base days before England Air Show

June 2014 Breaking News REUTERS F-35 fighter jet to make first trans-Atlantic flight in July

April 2014 Breaking News South Korea joins USA allies planning to buy F-35 fighters The United States and its allies plan to buy more than 3,100 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter warplanes in coming years

March 14 2014 Breaking News WASHINGTON – REUTERS – After discovering China-made components in the F-35 fighter jet, a Pentagon investigation has uncovered Chinese materials in other major U.S. weaponry, including Boeing Co’s B-1B bomber and certain Lockheed Martin Corp F-16 fighters, the U.S. Defense Department said

March 11 2014 Breaking News F 35 – 400 billion $$$ most expensive weapons system in history national security? policing worldwide?

The USA is bankrupt over $17,296,755,514,290.93 trillion in debt – Real time go to . The USA needs to focus on turning its energies on getting the USA back on track before going in some other countries back yard the USA Government needs to focus on national security and close our borders and stop policing the world stop seeking to be a player in Globalization United Nations Agenda 21 the direction of the one world government the new world order. USA owes Communist China 3.5 trillion and one is a slave to the lender. The USA is in an economic war and well you do the math.

November 2013 Will Lockheed Martin’s Military F-35 Cost America $1.1 Trillion? It’s 70{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} over budget, and years behind schedule, but that hasn’t stopped the Pentagon from estimating that it’ll spend $392 billion for 2,443 F-35s over the next few decades. Further, according to an estimate from the Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation office, or CAPE, the price to operate and maintain the F-35s for the next 55 years is $1.1 trillion — the Pentagon’s F-35 office, however, puts the cost at $857 billion

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

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  1. As I see it, the only thing thats going to vindicate this F-35 is its ability to launch medium to long range air to air missiles. I would want to get into a dogfight with Russian or Chinese counterparts while flying THIS guppy -looking plane!

  2. Does it make coffee? I've been told there is a fake silicon pussy for the pilot's own pleasure all that in total invisibility, amazing. Did Obama cry over the price of that thing.

  3. So Lockheed Martin builds loser planes because 60 min says so… I believe that as much as them saying obama is a good president!! I believe that there are problems with any plane when they are first introduced. I believe that due to the complexity of these new fighters with avionics,computers,helmets,STOVL and the like it takes longer to develop. The builder of this plane has a reputation second to none. I'm one for track records. If I an wrong so be it. It cost me nothing to expound, have confidence in The skunk works. They have not failed yet!

  4. usa and allied will be so strong after this share systems dosent matter how ll be bad or good f 35 plane programs for now they ll create new generation after that than proced …

  5. …and I am so thankful and glad we are going to buy a lot of these airplanes… pierre spery's ideal air superiority fighter is a super light strip down f16 with f110 ge 132 engine without modern avionics, come on pierre wake up it's the 21st century man. this airplane is going to protect our freedom for a long time and we should all be grateful.

  6. f15 silent Eagle stealth and f 18 Super Hornet stealth an f 16 block 3 upgraded and Black Widow is the right approach smart economic thinking

  7. F-35 look so cool but I don't believe its the best fighter airplane in world. Because USA had never went real war with Russia and China. Many country had there own secret weapon. They won't show to you because its classfield.

  8. Although it's good to see that the people who will be flying these aircraft have faith and belief in it, but you can see a hidden reserve in their eyes, and what they don't say but hint at can be worrying. Maybe they should have walked away years ago but decided to stick with it like we did with the Typhoon. Speaking with pilots who fly it and they say it's brilliant and they love it. The biggest critics are those that don't look or understand what is under the skin or the bean counters. But it was good to see the attitude now of, 'If it doesn't work or it's a manufacturing fault we do not pay to get it rectified.' For far too long manufacturers have got paid for lateness or malfunctioning equipment, and really not being that bothered that when a guy straps this aircraft on it is his life at risk. Look at Challenger, a 50 pence washer cost all those lives reputations and technology.

  9. Seems the failure with this airplane is mostly in the hands of company procedures, software issues and bad management, rather than a bad design overall.

  10. Surely you could get all that, "information it provides to me as a pilot" in older, more cost effective models by just retrofitting/updating their designs?

  11. Eurofighter sees it at 100 KM that is TO FAR for UNRELEIABLE rockets…….. Dogfights will stay why do you think all latest fighters have a board cannon a bit like they had in ww2. And at 100 KM range the Eurofighter and the Rafale will whip its ars.

  12. BIG SHIT and VERY EXPENSIVE!!lemon very very expensive in America????and Détroit,Cleaveland,etc are dead!!it's scandale!

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