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2014 July Breaking News USA ARMED drones & four teams of USA Army special forces arrived in Iraq

2014 JJuly Breaking News Iraq USA started flying ARMED with Hellfire missiles drones over Baghdad to protect USA civilians and military forces in the Iraqi capital the ARMED drones are to provide protection of USA interests and that President Barack Obama still has not authorized airstrikes against Sunni militants four teams of Army special forces had arrived in Baghdad, bringing the number of American troops there to 90 out of the 300 promised by Obama. The Americans will advise and assist Iraqi counter terrorism forces

2014 June 28 Breaking News ISIS Sunni fighters have seized a border post on the Iraq-Syria frontier smashing a line drawn by colonial powers a century ago in a campaign to create an Islamic Caliphate from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran

June 17 2014 Breaking News Iran warned that any foreign military intervention in Iraq would only complicate the crisis after the United States deployed 4 warships in the Persian Gulf

June 15 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Obama settles into long weekend of golf with buddies and wife Michelle and their two daughters in Aspen Colorado on ski vacation while USA NAVY heads to Iraq – Obama known of vacationing or sleeping while USA security interests crisis’s Iraq, Syria & Ukraine civil war – Iran & North Korea Nuclear ambitions, South China Sea disputes, ETC.

June 15 2014 Breaking News Associated Press USA NAVY Ships move into Persian Gulf for Iraqi cleanup

June 14 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Pentagon states USA Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered Nuclear Aircraft Carrier USS George H.W. Bush moved into the Persian Gulf to protect American lives & interests in Iraq in response to insurgents overwhelmed a string of Iraqi cities this week and threatened Baghdad Part 5

June 14 2014 Breaking News USA Deployed Nuclear Aircraft Carrier To Persian Gulf Due To Iraq Situation – 5 thousand sailors deployed with the Nuclear Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush Part 5

June 13 2014 Breaking News Shock and Awe airstrike campaign Iraqi cleanup? Part 4

June 13 2014 Breaking News ISIS militants taking over Iraq USA next step? Part 3

June 13 2014 Breaking News Obama to decide on Iraq strikes in the days ahead – A Shock and Awe airstrike campaign has and will show the strength and effectiveness the USA is against thugs and anyone who undermines the capabilities the USA brings to the table when all options are considered and followed through with pinpoint precision – USA already has boots on the ground for training Iraqi soldiers and critical moments like now to take military action on providing Air strike coordinances to wipe out threat immediately

June 13 2014 Breaking News Obama after pulling USA forces out of Iraq Obama Considering Airstrikes Part 2

June 13 2014 Breaking News Associated Press Less than three years after pulling American forces out of Iraq, President Barack Obama is weighing a range of short-term military options, including airstrikes, to quell an al-Qaida inspired insurgency that has captured two Iraqi cities and threatened to press toward Baghdad Part 1

June 12 2014 Breaking News 2011 Obama pulls USA troops out of Iraq Islamic militants take over Northern Iraq – Associated Press Iraq Sunni militant group vows to march on Baghdad

June 12 2014 Breaking News 500 thousand civilians men, women and children have fled their homes since fighting escalated since January 2014

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  1. we came,we saw, we kicked it's fucking ass!!!
     bur REALLY!!! looks like Somebody Somewhere is about to get their botty spanked!!!

  2. Hmm……Going to send in "military advisors" 300 troops? … So Obama is going to kill 300 service men/women to the Goddess "ISIS". 

  3. Nuke the Sand Crawlers. Nuke 'em I say….With a Loud Voice! LMAO and my finger on the red "FIRE" button. Thus saith Dictator Barry Soretoro!!!…….Oh forgot to say "Aller Aukbar"

  4. Persians are a little on the arrogant side (come to think of so are Yanks) but I have always found them rational and although I personally prefer the company of Arabs they tend not to live in the real world .
     Unless the west really( as it's enemy's say )simply wishes to control the area it would be wise to go with Iran they have there own interest's know what they are and will stick to deal    

  5. You know what I've been wondering? Who takes all this footage? I mean this is all military, security issues are something to consider right? And who allows it to be released? And why do they allow it? I've been wondering. Could all and I mean all of this be just theater on the whole world? Including conspiracy buffs?

  6. Breaking news my ASS  man ( u2bheavenbound )you sure have a fucking problem with all your stupid breaking news that is not real or you must have some big issue with mythomania. All of this video date from July 11 2013 it is the first drone landing on a aircraft carrier the drone is a X-47B and his name is 'Salty Dog' and the aircraft carrier is CVN-77 George H.W Bush.

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  8. WW3 (if it ever happens) will not be fought with nukes. Nukes are redundant and have been for over 15 years.

  9. cant believe this,invade irak,leave it in ruins,fund rebels en then attack them ,fighting your own weapons?????

  10. You need guys on the ground with Iraqis to help direct strikes.

    Special Forces are Advisors and Elite Soldiers Combined.

    Strikes were just Acknowledged but US Hit ISIS Before Public Announcement.
    Same time as they dropped food and water to trapped Yazides on top of a mountain. They would have been pummeled with Hellfires before they knew America was in the Fight. Love it. Boner.

  11. we should not have any Muslims in the US military, they will turn on us just when the going gets rough. and we should not have any Muslims in nuclear power plants

  12. Good ole USA…selflessly bringing peace, prosperity and stability to the whole world…..whether they ask for it or not

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