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2014 Breaking News Officials confirm 2nd USA case of Middle East MERS

2014 Breaking News Associated Press Officials confirm 2nd USA case of Middle East MERS being reported

May 2014 Breaking News Associated Press CDC confirms first case of Middle East MERS infection in USA

April 2014 Breaking News President Barack Obama’s arrival was closed to the public. Obama did not address the media as he goes to tour MBI a biotechnology facility then goes straight to open to public and media signs farm bill you do the math

Biotechnology Summary

Biotechnology, or the genetic modification of living materials, has ignited heated debates over trade policy. Innovations in the manipulation of microbes, plants, and animals raises serious ethical questions related to the commoditization and exchange of living organisms. In the arena of trade policy, these ethical questions pose a unique economic dilemma: to what extent should trade policy reflect moral and ethical judgments about the fruits of biotechnology? Debate on Genetically Modified Foods –

February 8 2014 Biological Warfare part 2 – Just 220 pounds of powdered anthrax material, seeded into the air of a city, could kill more than 1 million people, one study estimated. In contrast, 80,000 would die in the explosion of a 12.5-kiloton atomic bomb

Biological Warfare part 1

Plum Island, Lyme Disease And Operation Paperclip – A Deadly Triangle

Military biological warfare is the norm in the day and age we live and is not only being researched and developed in the USA rather worldwide

This information is not meant to frighten you, only to enlighten you on the day and age you live in.


Anthrax is one of the most preferred biological warfare agents for many highly identified reasons. First, anthrax is extremely lethal. Anthrax can contain up to 100 million lethal doses in just one gram of anthrax spores, which is 100,000 times more lethal than any other biological warfare agent. It is also known that inhalation anthrax is almost always fatal if the symptoms are allowed to progress without any treatment. Anthrax is also the silent and invisible killer. On top of the fatality rate of anthrax, there are also very low barriers to produce the biological weapon. Anthrax spores are very easy to produce in large quantities, and the process of production is very inexpensive. Also, there is plenty of available information on how to weaponize anthrax and not a whole lot of technology is needed to be able to produce anthrax. Anthrax is also easy to weaponize because it is extremely stable as a dry powder in the form of spores. These spores can live for decades and still be very lethal to the human body. Anthrax can be put into an aerosol form disseminated into a spray can, and it can also be freeze-dried into a bomb. Presently anthrax is the most preferred biological agent is because we have no accurate detection capability

BIOLOGICAL WEAPON – In Russia an explosion in a secret biological weapons laboratory caused thousands of deaths – Research team arrives in the new post-Soviet Russia We are in the first stage of a trip to investigate the cause of the worst anthrax epidemic recorded in a modern industrial nation. The outbreak occurred in April and May 1979 in Sverdlovsk, an industrial city in the Ural Mountains, nine hundred miles east of Moscow. According to Soviet reports, by the time it was over, at least sixty-four people had died from this rare disease

February 2014 Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA 1 of 5 – Last days news prophecy

February 2014 Breaking News – Human DNA mixed Animal DNA 5 of 5 – Last days final hour news prophecy update

February 2014 Trans Humanism Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA – Last days final hour news prophecy

February 2014 BREAKING NEWS labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA – Last days final hour news prophecy

February 2014 Breaking News What do U know about Transhumans – Last days final hour news prophecy

February 2014 Breaking News Hybrid human animal Genetic Hybrid Engineering 4 of 5 Last Days News

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  2. remember the x-files—accurate info relating to government using tech from the gray ones while also using biowarfare to create new problems—we are the highest of this  challenge that is causing death.   who releases this—take one guess—you know who—-those who wanna be a god for maximum death

  3. Truth.  I stay in my home, I am "germ free" and healthy.  Go outside and inhale once -SICK.  With what ?  But it's all in my head.  I keep trying to convince myself….

  4. we got to far ahead to fast and i think it was planned by the god on earth he is helping the big wigs fall i know GOD is real and a war that has been since time is under way but GOD will win it is written

  5. LOL so what about the outbreak of Ebola , here Biological Hazard Liberia, and here Biological Hazard Sierra Leone or even here  biological Hazard Guinea but not to worry there 3 world countries not going to infect me…right…. oh and what about this one Biological Hazard USA Province of Ontario, Hamilton lots of people dying. have you heard ?.  Check this then look for yourself.  RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service (website) 

  6. These are not normal viruses, nor mutations, they are very virulent  'Weapons Grade' concoctions. in lesser degree, at least in America, in year-2009.was the impossible (multiple Continent) 'swine flue'.

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