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2014 Breaking News Obama justification for using drones to kill USA citizens

2014 Breaking News Obama justification for using drones to kill USA citizens

May 2014 Breaking News Pentagon Military Blimp surveillance DHS Big Brother Watching Air surveillance watching movement innocent USA citizens technology Raytheon Company, leader in developing defense technologies, is the prime contractor for the program, which uses a 55-foot (17-meter) TCOM-built aerostat that floats 984 feet (300 meters) high to perform surveillance with an electro-optical infrared sensor (with a total weight of 200 pounds). Military used in Iraq Today USA troops in Afghanistan use aerostats and now to be used on USA citizens

February 27 2014 Breaking News FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOBS FEMA Relocation Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E)

February 27 2014 USA 1942 Relocation internment/Resettlement camps Japanese Americans Sixty-two percent of the internees were American citizens or 2/3 two thirds.

February 26 2014 Corrie Ten Boom The Hiding Place WWII concentration camps millions Jews genocide Part 1

February 26 2014 Corrie Ten Boom The Hiding Place is a true story world war 2 Hitler Nazi SS concentration camps millions of Jews killed genocide Nazi Doctors used Jews for human experiments Part 2 – Last days end times final hour news prophecy update

February 27 2014 USA 1942 Relocation internment/Resettlement camps Japanese Americans part 3

February 2014 Breaking News NBC News Pentagon launching blimps for surveillance in USA

February 2014 Breaking News washington post Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns unconstitutional we the people rights being stripped

August 2012 REUTERS USA government weighs using battlefield blimps at Mexico border

May 2012 The Blimps Have Eyes – 24/7 Overhead Surveillance Is Coming to USA

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  1. For every attack theres a counter attack. Destroy the attacker destroy the weapon he is wielding. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  2. I am one of the civilian contract technicians hired and trained in 2006-07 by The US Army and Raytheon to set up and maintain this exact Aerostat & the Star Safire 3 Surveillance System, in Iraq. When integrated into the military's "net" using fiber optics, Motorola microwave, a satellite uplink and a "sister" system of Star Afire 3's on the top of mobile telescoping/collapsible antenna towers mounted on trailers, it becomes an unbelievably capable surveillance, target tracking and weapon targeting system.
    I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be trained on and to work with this technology in support of the US Army and Marines. It is very reassuring to know we have the technology and personnel that we do, both civilian and military who serve as THE front line defenders of our country and the freedoms and the privileges that we enjoy. I regret that I am not still involved in maintaining and operating this technology and would commit the rest of my life to doing so without hesitation; doing so was extremely satisfying for a number of reasons.
    Every time you encounter ANY one in active duty, retired veteran or even civilian who is or was part of our defense network, you should literally stop them and TELL THEM how grateful you are for the service and the job they do, whether they were pilot or paper pusher, mechanic or medic, jack hammer operator or janitor….they are all EQUALLY IMPORTANT and deserve our highest respect.
    PS: I personally don't comprehend why we don't have an entire system of these install all along ALL land and sea facing borders, and integrated with a network of radar and automatic weapon systems. Such a system could provide almost absolute assurance of our nation's borders and sea coasts.

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