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12 Tips to Avoid Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become so common nowadays. Studies say that 1 out of every 4 women and 1 out of every 7 men in the United States have been a victim of severe physical domestic violence.  Here we will be discussing some good advice and tips on how you can avoid such severe physical domestic violence.

  1. Knowledge is power.

Figuring out how to recognize the particular examples and practices related to intimate partner violence can be lifesaving.Just learn their strategies, look for warnings, and do follow your intuition as it serves to secure and manage you in possibly risky circumstances.

  1. Don’t compare.

Abuse is abuse and violence is violence, either it is in the form of physical violence or hitting back in self-defense. So never compare your experience to that of others.

  1. You are worthy.

Just believe that you are valuable, capable and deserving of happiness. Believe in yourself as it will give you a strength to leave such relationship that may turn out to be dangerous.

  1. Don’t walk in unless you are willing to walk out.

Make up your mind before getting into the relationship that if your needs are not fulfilled you will be comfortable to leave this relationship.

  1. Jealousy can be a destroyer.

Jealousy can be a welcome gift for the lover in any relationship and it is considered to be the proof of lover’s feelings but too much possessiveness can lead to bad relationship and betraying.

  1. Beware of isolation.

Beware and be careful about the victims and supporters isolation. Sometimes the partner move the victim to some remote area and disable the communication to cut off all connections against supporters.

  1. Assess threats.

Beware of the threats. Try to assess them by the tone of your partner. The more detailed the threats are, the more will be the chances of following through with.

  1. Know if it’s high-risk.

Violence like strangulation, threats with weapons, and sexual abuse are all high-risk in a domestic violence situation. Be careful while leaving such relationship.

  1. The abuser is not your responsibility.

Never try to save your damaged partner because it is not your responsibility to make him feel embarrassed or guilty.

  1. Develop a safety plan.

Always make proper and safe plan before leaving an abusive relationship by consulting some experienced advocate because leaving without any planning will put you in difficult situation again

  1. Use your resources.

A large number of resources exist to help individuals who are attempting to escape domestic violence, So recognize and get to your partners before making the last jump to safety.

  1. Create an emotional safety plan.

Sometimes leaving a relationship doesn’t solve the problem at all, you have to make a professional plan on how to stay protected and safe even if the relationship ends.


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